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Shopping on Pinterest

Inspiration meets education in this series of product demos created to show merchants how to make the most of Pinterest.

Pinterest is a playground where everyone can discover, create, explore and try new things while crafting a life they love. We were asked to capture this spirit in a series of tactical product demos that would live on Pinterest's Help Center and social channels.

We set out to breathe new life into notoriously dry territory by reflecting feelings of optimism, possibility and play. Building on Pinterest's amorphic and abstract illustration language we illuminated the scripts story first — reserving simplified versions of product UI for key moments.

The animation treatment echos the imperfect and irregular quality of the visuals. Combining both staccato and fluid keyframes added character to the illustrative sequences while keeping the UI interactions nice and smooth.



Product UI

Client: Pinterest
Directed by: Oddfellows
Executive Creative Direction: Chris Kelly
Executive Producer: Erica Kelly
Creative Direction: Fabian Molina
Producer: Dennis Samatulski
Art Direction: James Noellert
Design: James Noellert, Caroline Choi, Joyce Liu, Ege Soyer, Megan Pelto
Animation: Arthur Metcalf, Allen Laseter, Harry Teitelman, Khylin Woodrow, Oliva Blanc, Justin Lawes, Tony Holz, Nicole Stafford
Music & Sound: Sono Sanctus