Never normal.

We help companies bring their brands to life in extraordinary and emotive ways.

How we do it

We’ve created the space for creative talent to shine. Our highly collaborative and deeply supportive working style is contagious. And it overflows into how we work with our clients. We work together as a single tight-knit community with the shared goal of making something extraordinary.

Why we are Different:

We’re purposefully Odd.

We’re always searching for the rare, the non-traditional, and the unexpected. Our work is unified by a consistently high standard of execution rather than a consistently recognizable style.

We deal in human emotion.

Our approach is based in creating feelings. Desire, lust, love, urgency, happiness, conviction. Our work works at a deeper level.

We uncomplicate the complex.

We’re meticulous, thoughtful, and organized. Navigating the complexities of animation production gives us an advantage in approaching and solving your business’ toughest problems.

We’re seamlessly connected.

There’s no difference between our team and yours when working together. This seamless partnership leads to enduring relationships that produce great work time and time again.

There’s no substitute for talent.

Amazing brands deserve amazing talent. As artists, technologists, and craftspeople we excel in making the complex look easy. There is no substitute for talent. Making magnificent work isn’t magic, it’s skill.


  • Chris Kelly

    Cofounder & ECD

  • Colin Trenter

    Cofounder & ECD

  • Erica Kelly

    Managing Director

  • Jarratt Moody

    Creative Director

  • Fabian Molina

    Creative Director

  • Nicole Stafford

    Associate Creative Director

  • Yuki Yamada

    Associate Creative Director

  • Kaitlyn Mahoney

    Senior Producer

  • Lisa Edwards

    Senior Producer

  • Joyce Liu

    Senior Designer

  • Caroline Choi

    Senior Designer

  • Mariah Barnaby-Norris


  • Eli Ayres


  • Corey Stafford

    Talent Manager

  • Mélina Poiré

    Designer & Animator

  • Amy Sun


Our Clients


The Motion Awards x5

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would kill to work for fulltime.

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Bass Awards x9

Staff Pick x2