• Adobe

Getting Started

In this quick and playful show-open an artist’s imagination twists a dull pencil into a rocket fuel bound for the deeper spaces of the mind.

Part of the Adobe Live programing, Getting Started introduces you to the essentials of each product in the Adobe Creative Suite. From Photoshop to Illustrator, After Effects to XD you'll learn the basics and open your mind to what is possible and unique to each tool.

The opening sequence follows an idea as it develops from brainstorm to blastoff. A seamless blending of 2D and 3D illustration creates a volumetric, Skittle-like vibe. Taste the rainbow, of your mind.

Final Frames

Visual Development

Client: Adobe
Directed by: oddfellows
Executive Creative Direction: Chris Kelly
Executive Producer: Erica Kelly
Creative Direction:
Producer: Kaitlyn Mahoney
Art Direction: Jay Quercia
Design: Jay Quercia, Sofie Lee
CG Lead: Adam Floeck
Modeling: Garrett Pond, Chris Guyot
Surfacing & Lighting: Michael Rogers
2D Animation: Harry Teitelman, Tyler Mogan, CJ Cook, Chris Kelly, Jon Riedell
3D Animation: Adam Floeck
Music & Sound: CypherAudio