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Illustration Library

From corporate offices to fulfillment centers this illustration system reflects the vibrant community within Amazon's many teams.

Our partnership with Amazon’s Operations and Internal Communications team has deep roots. Building on the solid groundwork laid by the talented Gunner team, we set out to revamp their character library, infusing it with movement, individuality, and updated design standards. This initiative sparked a rapid evolution, akin to the speed of same-day delivery!

Since that initial project, our collaboration has grown extensively. We've expanded the character library and illustrated various aspects of their corporate environment, fulfillment centers, transportation vehicles including planes, trains, and shipping vans. Additionally, we've produced animated employee thank-you videos.

As our relationship continues to flourish, our objective is to develop a scalable system that caters to their diverse needs, ranging from signage to internal news broadcasting and everything in between. This illustration system, designed for longevity and scalability, serves as a valuable tool for both designers and non-designers to unleash their creativity.


From full illustrations to a cast of diverse characters, we created an expansive library infused with movement and personality.


Our character illustration system provides the groundwork for Amazon's internal design teams. Understanding the goals for a scalable and diverse cast, we've created a modular system that allows for an infinite amount of characters to be brought to life.

Office Space

Pick, Pack, Deliver

Client: Amazon
Directed by: Oddfellows
Executive Creative Direction: Colin Trenter
Executive Producer: Erica Kelly
Creative Direction: Fabian Molina
Producer: Kaitlyn Mahoney, Desiree Etzel
Design: Joyce Liu, Renaud Lavency, Caroline Choi, Pete McDonald, Mariah Barnaby-Norris, Audrey Lee, Sarah Beth Morgan, Amy Sun, Megan Pelto
Animation: Derek Dubler, Tony Holz, Andreas Maris, Manu Correa Soto, Jasper Hilgers, Katherine Pryor, Elliod Kahsay