• Google

Advanced Protection Program

APP is Google’s strongest account security, designed to protect anyone who feels vulnerable to highly-targeted attacks.

Google approached oddfellows to create an overview video of how Advanced Protection works and how it can help keep your information safe.

Made in the time of Covid-19, our initial plan of shooting live action was abandoned for a 3D approach. Inspired by mod subculture, we crafted a unique narrative and visually striking 3D system paired with an unconventional bossa nova beat.

Final Frames

Visual Development

Client: Google
Directed by: Oddfellows
Executive Creative Direction: Colin Trenter
Executive Producer: Erica Kelly
Creative Direction: Jarratt Moody
Producer: Dennis Samatulski
Design: Yuki Yamada, Oscar Pettersson, Alisha Liu, Caroline Choi
Animation: Tyler Morgan, Mark Lundgren, Jon Riedell, Jakob Scott
Writing : Inside Company
Music : Sounds Delicious
SFX: Ambrose Yu