• Spotify Premium

Turn Up

Touchy-feely and material-rich this product journey highlights key features and benefits of Spotify Premium.

Inspired by the visceral and synesthetic role audio plays in our lives we set out to create a film that weaves product features and benefits together with a narrative that clearly articulates why signing up for Spotify Premium is a no-brainer.

We deconstructed and reimagined the user interface, applying oddly satisfying textures and materials to familiar product features. The animation embraces musicality—movement and transitions that are snappy, squishy, responsive, and surprising. And like everything else in life, music brings all the pieces together. The chef's kiss is the deeply resonant, celestial-pop of Zelig Sound.

Final Frames

Great audio takes you places. It creates a visceral feeling. It can make the hair on your neck stand on end. It can bring you joy—or bring you to tears. Great audio tingles the soul. The experience of Premium heightens the feelings of listening. This spot is designed to invite the avid listener to upgrade to Premium in order to experience audio more fully.

Visual Development

Client: Spotify Premium
Directed by: Oddfellows
Executive Creative Direction: Chris Kelly
Executive Producer: Erica Kelly
Creative Direction: Jarratt Moody
Producer: Jen Szeto
Art Direction: Yuki Yamada, Jean-Michel Verbeeck
Design: Yuki Yamada, Jean-Michel Verbeeck, Gunnar Petterson, Vitaly Grossmann, Joyce Liu, Chris Kelly, Alisha Liu, Simon Appel
Animation: Tony Holes, Tyler Morgan, Mathijs Luijten, Vitaly Grossmann, Vincent Schwenk, Chris Kelly
Writing & Strategy : Inside Company
Music & Sound: Zelig Sound