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Anchor Podcasts

Great podcasts need great listeners. We went beyond explaining how paid subscriptions work to tap into the emotional power of the podcast medium.

Sure there are rational reasons for Creators and Listeners to use paid subscriptions, but what if we could unlock the emotional side of things? What if we could make this less about price and paying and more about passion, access, and doing what’s right – supporting the things and people you love?

When you listen to a podcast, you paint the picture with your mind. That’s the power of the medium. A great podcast takes you on a journey, it removes you from wherever you currently are and transports you somewhere new.

Final Frames

Referencing some of our recent work with Adobe, the team at Spotify asked us to bring our mixed-media chops to the project. We've been exploring how to modernize the collage look to bring it somewhere fresh and exciting. Bold colors, crushed contrast, and clean shapes can provide a hint of high-touch, and avoid the vintage, retro style. We imagined the spot to be editorially driven, as we quickly cut between vibrant and sharp layouts that speak to the information junkie in all of us.

Visual Development

Client: Spotify
Directed by: Oddfellows
Executive Creative Direction: Chris Kelly
Executive Producer: Erica Kelly
Creative Direction: Jarratt Moody
Producer: Schuyler Wright
Art Direction: Yuki Yamada
Design: Yuki Yamada, Alina Maria Rybacka, Pablo Lozano
Animation: Jon Riedell, Pablo Lozano, Jasper Hilgers, Jakob Scott, Shay Nuñez, Carlos Enciso, Gung-Kai Koo
Writing & Strategy : Inside Company
Music & Sound: Antfood