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We crafted the illustrated metaverse and narrative strategy for Tableland - a network and relational metadata protocol for EVM chains like Ethereum. This included website illustration and a generative NFT project built from 1,074 handcrafted works of art that unites the technology, art, community, and incentives of Tableland.

It’s 2047. The metaverse is now ubiquitous. The singularity happened. Humanity survived. It turns out that sentient AI was benevolent. Rather than the rise of the machines wiping us out – technology brought us all together. Now, at the fringes of The Grid – out beyond the megalopolis – is Tableland. A decentralized zone, where the old rules don’t apply. Where our Avatars, on board meta-machines called Rigs, are embarking on the greatest adventure yet.

Hop inside and confirm your signature. There is a lot yet to do. Beyond the certainty of The Grid, a new community and journey awaits in Tableland.

Non Fungible Tokens

Your Rig is your custom machine. There are none that are like it, and this one is yours. It’s a purpose-built code-based machine and your key to Tableland. Rigs are minted from a set of modular code blocks with unique attributes to achieve specific tasks. And what you’ll do with it is totally up to you. Each Rig is minted using randomization subroutines to ensure complete uniqueness.

The power of Rigs is in their ability to upgrade with immutable on-chain rules—a powerful primitive enabled by the Tableland protocol. Based on how an owner decides to explore Tableland, their Rig will change before their eyes. Since Rigs stay upgraded, owners can leave a mark on their Rig forever.

Meet the Fleet

Tableland Rigs are divided into eight mission specific Fleets. Each is engineered to navigate the harsh and unforgiving landscape of Tableland. Your Fleet is your new family and its customs, rituals, and alliances will guide and protect you.

POAP Badges

While some builders move data day and night, others are there to help newcomers find their way, and still others spread the word back to The Grid. No matter their contributions, all builders are valued. Together, they've come to recognize a handful of special Badges that signal different contributions to Tableland.

Visual Development

Website Illustration

Visual Development

Client: Textile
Directed by: Oddfellows
Executive Creative Direction: Colin Trenter, Chris Kelly
Executive Producer: Erica Kelly
Producer: Dennis Samatulski, Desiree Etzel
Art Direction: Yuki Yamada
Design: Joyce Liu, Amy Sun, Justin Burks, Yuki Yamada, Caroline Choi
Animation : Derek Dubler
Copywriting: Inside Co
Crypto, SciFi, Web3