• Piaggio

Autonomy for Humans

As roads look more like parking lots, people's love affair with cars diminishes.

Piaggio Fast Forward creates lightweight, intelligent mobility solutions for people and goods. Oddfellows created the launch film for gita - an autonomous robot that allows you to engage in activities with the people you love.

A simple push of a button enables gita to sense its environment and follow you, toting up to 40 pounds of your stuff. With your hands free and your head up, gita reconnects you with your neighborhood and your community.

Final Frames

Visual Development

Client: Piaggio
Directed by: oddfellows
Creative Direction: Colin Trenter
Producer: Jen Szeto
Art Direction: Yuki Yamada
Story: Liz Marks, Colin Trenter
Design: Yuki Yamada, Jay Quercia
Animation: Josh Parker, Stan Cameron,
Khylin Woodrow, Kavan Magsoodi,
Tyler Morgan, Jordan Scott, Colin Trenter, Jonas Elsgaard, Jay Quercia
Music & Sound: Box of Toys