• Okay Bears

Into the Light

A trio of animated shorts made to stoke hype and euphoria while teasing the future of the Okay Bears universe.

Okay Bears is a web3 brand built on a collection of 10,000 diverse Bears working together to create a virtuous community that transcends the metaverse into the real world. The charitable, community-centric spirit of the Okay brand made our partnership a no-brainer.

Our team worked with Kais and the Okay crew to expand on three narratives; each highlighting a Bear's reaction as they are exposed to "the light" for the first time. To stir the audience, our approach focused on contrasting the Okay Bears hallmark chill with an explosive, sun-drenched journey to the other side of the metaverse.

The work was released in the weeks leading up to NFTNYC 2023. The response from the community was hilarious—we watched as our work spread through the memeosphere at lightspeed.

Final Frames

In each teaser, we focused on the emotional journey of the character. We enter the light with shocked fear—as our character gains control over the journey, we grow in confidence and intrigue. Our arrival in the new world leaves us with a sense of awe, elation, and endless curiosity.

Visual Development

Client: Okay Bears
Directed by: Oddfellows
Executive Creative Direction: Chris Kelly
Executive Producer: Erica Kelly
Creative Direction: Nicole Stafford
Producer: Kaitlyn Mahoney
Art Direction: Joyce Liu
Design: Joyce Liu, Manddy Wyckens, Amy Sun, Hugo Moreno, Justin Burks
Animation: Katherine Pryor, Aleksandra "Sasha" Krechman, Jorge Cesar Duran Llanos, Jon Riedell, Romain Loubersanes, Derek Dubler
Music & Sound: Jennifer Pague