• Sony Interactive Entertainment

Concrete Genie

Concrete Genie follows the heartwarming journey of a bullied teen named Ash, who escapes his troubles by bringing his colorful imagination to life in his sketchbook.

Oddfellows worked closely with Sony Interactive Entertainment to develop an in-game cinematic depicting Ash's nostalgic childhood memories. We also created a series of backstory vignettes for the game's antagonists

The game’s setting is lush and alive, it's narrative heartwarming. Our latchkey protagonist Ash constantly revisits the ruins of Denska, the once-thriving port town he grew up in to doodle. Denska has been abandoned and overtaken by Darkness, but Ash can’t stand to let the town go. He’s faced with the opportunity to take action, given a magical brush and a mission to restore the ghost town’s beauty.

With a masterful sense of visual storytelling, the story is charming in its simplicity, full to bursting with warm, colorful memories and touching moments.

Images, videos, and animations © 2019 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. Concrete Genie and the Concrete Genie logo are trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.

Final Frames




Client: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Directed by: oddfellows
Executive Creative Direction: Colin Trenter, Chris Kelly
Executive Producer: Erica Kelly
Producer: Kaitlyn Mahoney
Art Direction: Yuki Yamada
Design: Yuki Yamada, Tom Goyon, Sarah Beth Morgan
Animation: Khylin Woodrow, Ben Ommundson, Harry Teitelman, Colin Trenter, Alec Cummings, Nicole Stafford, Kavan Magsoodi, Wei-Shen Wang, Matt Everton, Simon Appel, Steve Savalle, Jon Riedell, Lykke Dalum, Jakob Scott, Tyler Morgan, Reece Parker, Dylan Cassano.
Music & Sound: Ambrose Yu, Sono Sanctus