• Google

Room 98

Room 98 is a Google experience center equipped with first-of-its-kind data visualization capabilities, located in the renovated Spruce Goose hangar in Los Angeles.

It’s a place where human-centered ideas come first. Where together - and in person - people come together to solve business’s toughest challenges.

Google engaged oddfellows to create a cohesive brand experience for Room 98. This included not only developing the language for the space, but also creating a set of marketing materials for their launch - including invitations, a booklet, website, wooden lapel pins, and branded merchandise.

Room 98 is located where aviation pioneer Howard Hughes built the world’s largest plane completely out of wood. Today the building lives at the crossroads of technology, media, and entertainment, where it continues to be a home for innovation and progress.

Final Frames

Visual Development

Client: Google
Directed by: oddfellows
Executive Creative Direction: Colin Trenter, Chris Kelly
Executive Producer: Erica Kelly
Producer: Jen Szeto, Solana Braun
Copywriting : Matt Atkatz, Liz Marks
Art Direction: Lisa Mishima
Design: Lisa Mishima, Yuki Yamada, Joyce Liu
Animation: Chris Kelly