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Final Touch

A dynamic trip into the vivid imagination of Blue the Great - from initial spark of inspiration to the completion of eBay’s first ever sneaker shrine.

Disparate subcultures find commonality in sneaker culture. It’s unique in the sense that it embeds fashion, music, science, sports performance, storytelling, marketing, fashion and trends all into one item. 

As the internet’s largest person-to-person seller, eBay has been the go to for sneakerhead's to trade authentic, exclusive and rare kicks for over two decades. Inspired by the expressive and deeply nostalgic role sneakers play in our lives we set out to create a series of films unveiling eBay's first ever sneaker shrine that literally holds up sneakerhead's most coveted kicks.

Our vibrant journey centers around the intangible act of creation - Blue’s most famed characters act as antagonists and confidants in this respect adding a dose of mischief and a helping hand along the way. Our cast of characters is expertly brought to life through an eclectic mix of traditional animation, surrealist imagery and mind bending camera moves. To keep with the playful and frenetic energy of the world our music embodies an experimentation of tempos and styles. The end result is a lush soundscape which leads to an appropriately climatic reveal of the sneaker shrine itself.

Final Frames

Visual Development


Client: eBay
Directed by: Oddfellows
Agency: The Many
Executive Creative Direction: Colin Trenter
Agency Executive Creative Direction: AJ Rivvers
Executive Producer: Erica Kelly
Creative Direction: Fabian Molina
Live Action Direction : Isaac Sokol
Agency Associate Creative Direction: Jules Fox
Senior Producer: Kaitlyn Mahoney
Producer: Carlyn Siegler
Agency Production: Katherine Fraser, Danny Owens
Live Action Production : Plus Plus / Carlye Burke
VFX Supervisor: Stephan "Pilon" Lectez
Animation Direction: Taylor Yontz
Agency Art Direction : Max Hendren
Storyboards: Amy Sun, Leila Courtillon, Caroline Choi
Design: Joyce Liu, Caroline Choi, Marco Cheatham
Previs and Animatic: Eli Ayres, Nicole Stafford
Cel Animation: Henrique Barone, Katherine Pryor, Khylin Woodrow, Jorge Duran, Suejee Lee, Aleksandra Krechman, Lewis Barr, Frankie Swan, David Borrull, George Johnson, Vincent Anhson
After Effects Animation: Jasper Hilgers, Scott Jonsson, Derek Dubler, Jakob Scott, Timø Prousalis, Rocio Cogno
Flame : Stephan "Pilon" Lectez
Edit and Color: Piñata Post / Jimmy Chung, George Costakis
On Set CG Supervision : Aaron Powell
Roto: Rotomaker
Tracking: Joseph Chiechi
Music & Sound: Alex Goose, Ambrose Yu