• Google

Project Fi

In 2015 Google set out to reimagine the wireless industry and create a new service with faster connections, more coverage and fairer, more transparent pricing.

B-Reel was brought on to develop the product, brand assets and marketing materials. Oddfellows took on the task directing the brand film.

Our challenge was to create an engaging introduction for Google’s new service built from the elements of the Fi logo.

Final Frames

Visual Development

Client: Google
Agency: B-Reel
Directed by: oddfellows
Creative Direction: Chris Kelly
Executive Producer: TJ Kearney
Art Direction: Colin Trenter
Producer: Erica Kelly
Design: Yuki Yamada, Chris Kelly,
Jarratt Moody, Gavin Potenza, Liz Meyer
Animation: Jordan Scott, Jarratt Moody, Chris Kelly, Colin Trenter, Stan Cameron
Music & Sound: CypherAudio