• Airbnb

Belo Awards

Not all superheroes wear capes and masks

The Bélo Awards are Airbnb’s moment to celebrate kindness and belonging through inspiring stories from the diverse global community. James Corden, the comedy whiz of late night TV, emceed the Bélo Awards from Downtown LA’s historic Orpheum Theatre.

Oddfellows created three animated host films highlighting moments of exceptional kindness and generosity.

To capture the intimacy and global reach of the event, we chose a visual style that felt inclusive and vibrant. Our design approach was inspired by the imperfectness of memory - we added detail where it served the story, but otherwise left things loose, expressive, and half remembered. Visual hyperbole was used to impart feeling, while seamless transition allowed the stories to flow seamlessly, as if being told by the hosts themselves.

Final Frames

Visual Development

Client: Airbnb
Directed by: oddfellows
Creative Direction: Colin Trenter
Producer: Jen Szeto
Art Direction: Kenesha Sneed
Design: Kenesha Sneed, Sarah Beth Hulver, Allen Laseter, Colin Trenter
Animation: Josh Parker, Chris Anderson, Khylin Woodrow, Stan Cameron, Alec Cummings, Jordan Scott, Kavan Magsoodi
Music & Sound: Sono Sanctus