The Junebugs

Our first studio short, the film serves as an animated interpretation of The Junebugs, written by American author and poet Steve Scafidi.

Design and Illustration: Yuki Yamada, Hana Kim

Title Design: Lisa Mishima

Animation: Stan Cameron, Chris Anderson, Nata Metlukh, Josh Parker, Kavan Magsoodi, Jay Quercia, Lorraine Sorlet, Chris Kelly,  Colin Trenter, Jordan Scott

Music and Sound by Antfood

Origional Poem by Steve Scafidi

Read by David Purdham

Creative Direction: Chris Kelly
Art Direction: Colin Trenter

Producer: TJ Kearney

Screenplay: Justin Kelly

Mood: A rural landscape, a field of thick knee high grasses gathering light in slow waves as the wind ripples over the surface. The scene is cut up by stands of trees, rough hewn fences, and in the distance a plain, simple homestead. It is late afternoon, just as the light wanes into twilight. A father and son are still hard at work in their field.