Adobe Max: Interactive Survey

To compliment our rebrand of AdobeLive we were tasked with creating an interactive experience for the AdobeLive booth at Max. By completing a brief survey guests we're able to create a unique "planet" avatar.  

Client: Adobe
Creative Direction: Michael Chaize
Production: Leigh Cooper

Designed by: Oddfellows

Creative Direction: Chris Kelly, Colin Trenter
Production: Erica Kelly, TJ Kearney
Art Direction: Yuki Yamada, 
Design: Yuki Yamada, 
Visual Development: Chris Phillips

Developed by: Jamie Kosoy and James Hall

Visual Development - The Form

A brief, 5-question survey is used to generate a "planet" avatar. Unique combinations of color, pattern and texture were applied based on a guests answers. Once created a planet would appear in the creative community universe.

Visual Development - Astral Play

The experience opens with a little big-bang. In an instant a galaxy of six solar systems is generated. Each system represents a different creative discipline.  The viewer floats for a moment before diving into one of the solar systems. Once inside we see planets pop into existence, each one labeled with the name of its creator. 

We dive in and out of the solar systems before pulling out to see all six systems merge and form a hybrid galaxy called the "megaverse," system made of all the various creative fields. After a moment this system contracts and the big bang sequence starts again.