• Sony

The Last of Us

In anticipation of The Last of Us II, we were asked to create a compelling short film depicting the main characters Joel and Ellie as they retell their dramatic story chronicled in the original game.

This emotional “Previously On” would be engaging for both newcomers and loyal fans — a twenty minute short film that brings the masses up to speed on the story of The Last of Us. Highlighting the drama, tone, and strength of the characters and story, the film would serve as a strong bridge to The Last of Us Part II. Not unlike the Blade Runner animated films and The Animatrix, the ask was to employ a distinct style that will vastly differentiate the animation from the gameplay.

Our proposal was to reinterpret each of the chapters of the game with a unique visual treatment. Using singular narrative device would allow us to bridge the styles and travel seamlessly between the past and present. Ultimately Sony decided not to move forward with this project.

Final Frames

A campfire is fundamental part of the human experience. It provides light, 
warmth and serves as a beacon to all who have lost their way. It's also a 
natural place where stories are shared and retold.

Visual Development

We catch up with Joel and Ellie on a woodland trail, somewhere between 
Jackson County and their next adventure. Along the way they’ll stumble 
upon artifacts that stir important memories. These memories will retell 
the story of The Last of Us, one flashback at a time.

Client: Sony
Directed by: Oddfellows
Executive Creative Direction: Chris Kelly, Colin Trenter
Executive Producer: Erica Kelly
Creative Direction: Chris Kelly
Producer: Kaitlyn Mahoney
Art Direction: Yuki Yamada
Design: Joyce Liu, Lucas Durkheim, Jay Quercia, Victor Mosquera, Douglas "Eugenes" Draper, Yuki Yamada,
Animation: Nicole Stafford